Journal of Curriculum and Instruction, Vol 2, No 2 (2008)

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Personalized Systems of Instruction Model: Teaching Health-Related Fitness Content in High School Physical Education

James Conrad Hannon, Brett J. Holt, John D. Hatten


This study assessed the use of personalized system of instruction (PSI) to teach a high school personal fitness class. A course workbook was designed to provide the students with a basic introduction to the unit, class rules and policies, learning objectives, content-based modules, and methods of assessment. Based on criteria used to verify effective use of PSI in a physical education setting, implementation of the PSI unit in this study was successful. Student comments indicated that this self-paced mastery learning was a new experience for them. As students became more familiar with the model, they enjoyed the structure and material being presented. Teacher comments indicated that after explaining and establishing the PSI system, very little teaching time was spent on classroom management.The majority of teaching time was spent on providing individualized feedback to students. PSI offers an alternative approach to teaching and learning in physical education as well as other content areas.

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